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Aesops Illustrated Fables by Aesop (Author)

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Aesops Illustrated Fables by Aesop (Author)
'Aesops Illustrated Fables'
​By Aesop (Author)

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As legend has it, the storyteller Aesop was a slave who lived in ancient Greece during the sixth century B.C. His memorable, recountable fables have brought amusing characters to life and driven home thought-provoking morals for generations of listeners and modern-day readers. Translated into countless languages and familiar to people around the world, Aesops fables never tarnish despite being told again and again. This collection presents nearly 300 of Aesops most entertaining and enduring stories, from 'The Hare and the Tortoise' and 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse' to 'The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs' and 'The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing'. Populated by a colorful array of animal characters who personify every imaginable human type, from fiddling grasshoppers and diligent ants to sly foxes, wicked wolves, brave mice and grateful lions, these timeless tales are as fresh and relevant today as when they were first created. Full of humour, insight and wit, the tales in Aesops Fables champion the value of hard work and perseverance, compassion for others and honesty. They are age-old wisdom in a delicious form, for the consumption of adults and children alike.

​Age Group: 6-12
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