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The 99 Names of God: An Illustrated Guide for Young and Old by Daniel Thomas Dyer (Author, Illustrator)

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The 99 Names of God: An Illustrated Guide for Young and Old by Daniel Thomas Dyer (Author, Illustrator)
'The 99 Names of God: An Illustrated Guide for Young and Old'
By Daniel Thomas Dyer (Author, Illustrator)


The Compassionate (ar-Rahman), the Holy (al-Quddus), the Source of Peace (as-Salam), the Supreme (al-Mutakabbir)…these are just a few of the 99 Names of God to be found in Islam. It has been said that knowledge of Allah’s Beautiful Names is the greatest knowledge a human being can possess.

This illustrated guide to the Names is designed to be an engaging educational resource for all the family. For children it is a rich treasury of wonder that will reveal greater depths as they grow and mature, whilst for parents and teachers it will offer much to inspire, inform, and remind. Richly illustrated and accompanied by engaging reflections and activities, this book is offered as a guide to help us witness the Divine Majesty and Beauty.

‘This project fills such an obvious need, and does it so beautifully, one wonders why it hadn’t happened until now. Probably so that exactly these people would be the ones to do it. It provides an entry point into a spiritual Islam that every parent would like to give to their children, and illuminating their own understanding in the process. Inshallah, it will be recognized as a classic.’

(Shaykh Kabir Helminski)

The book introduces the reader in a simple yet profound way to the attributes of God. The activities encourage the reader to reflect on many things including: their own being, their surroundings, what these demonstrate to them about the Divine Reality, and what type of behaviour this might inspire in them. How much faith-inspired literature out there for young hearts encourages young people to look to themselves ‘then reflect!’ in the very spirit of the Quran? The book also introduces the reader to a whole host of Muslim spiritual personalities who demonstrate a universal loving wisdom and open up a new world of perspective for the reader. This book invites a recognition of what is shared by all faiths and an openness of heart toward all human beings. Exactly what is needed in our world.

(Fatimah Ashrif, Project Lead, Coexist House, and North West Regional Leadership Group, Mosaic)

‘This is a wonderful book that has used a very innovative approach to teaching God’s attributes and I would certainly use it as a teaching resource.’

(Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Khazinat al-‘Ilm, Madaris of Arabic and Muslim Life Studies, Leicester)

‘This book is a fantastic learning tool for children. It uses plain language, appropriate illustrations, and traditional wisdom.’

(Dr Musharraf Hussain, OBE, DL, CEO of Karimia Institute, former Chair of Christian Muslim Forum)

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Age Group: 7-12
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