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Where Does God Live? by Holly Bea (Author), Kim Howard (Illustrator)

Where Does God Live? by Holly Bea (Author), Kim Howard (Illustrator)
'Where Does God Live?'
​By Holly Bea (Author), Kim Howard (Illustrator)

A lively and inquisitive young girl named Hope has a favorite pastime: asking questions. She asks everyone she knows just about anything. One day her musings lead her to a really big question: Where does God live? She talks to her mom. She questions her animal friends. Finally, it is her wise and gentle grandmother whose lifetime of faith offers Hope, the answer that she and all of us can take into our hearts. It is an answer whose simplicity does honor to the Creator.
‘PreSchool-Grade 2. A number of books, largely from religious presses, offer explanations of God directed to small children. In this one, the concept is broadly introduced in a nongender-specific, nondenominational manner. The core message is that God is the good in all creation, always available to teach, strengthen, and love all people if they ask for help in prayer. Hope, an African-American girl, is delighted by the beauty and goodness of the world around her and wants to know where God lives in it. First she asks her mother and her talking-animal friends. Each has a different opinion. Confused, Hope goes to Grandma Rose for clarification and returns home happy and satisfied. All this is expressed in a rather long, sweetly didactic rhyming text arranged on unusual, exuberant double-page spreads. Flat and primitive, the paintings are decorative, colorful, and vigorous, filled with flowers, animals, and pleasant people. Average in comparison to the many books on this topic.’
(Patricia Pearl Dole, formerly at First Presbyterian School)
‘Addressing the question of where God dwells, this book gently offers children all the room they need to embrace divinity. Spanning the journey through a little girl's day, the rhyming, brightly illustrated text validates the wonder--and the frequent confusion--over who and what God is. The child, Hope, inquires of her friends where it is that God lives, and receives some seemingly contradictory responses. Grandmother finally sorts out the confusion as the end of the day, helping Hope to see God 'in all things.' Encouraging a comfortable accessibility to God through the simple use of prayer, this is still a fairly non-denominational book. As such, children will be able to understand and relate to God within their own individual landscapes.’
(NB, Napra Review, BEA 1997)
‘Hope is a little girl with a lot of big questions: Where does the sun go? Why does it rain? Where does God live? She asks her mom and her animal friends, but finally gets some straight answers form her beloved and wise grandmother. Kim Howard's winning illustrations conjure up the delight and excitement of Hope's quest.’
(Yoga Journal)
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Age Group: 4-10
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