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Abu Ḥamid al-Ghazali: On Invoking

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Abu Ḥamid al-Ghazali: On Invoking
Photo: Man reading the Quran; Algeria, 1870.



Open the door of your heart with the key of the saying la ilaha illa Allah, the door of your spirit with the word Allah, and invoke the presence of your innermost essence (sirr) with the word ‘Huwa’, ‘Huwa’ [referring to the Divine Essence].

(Abu Ḥamid al-Ghazali)



Recommended Reading:

'The Niche of Lights' 

By Al Ghazali (Author)

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Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali's philosophical explorations covered nearly the entire spectrum of twelfth-century beliefs. Beginning his career as a skeptic, he ended it as a scholar of mysticism and orthodoxy. The Niche of Lights, written near the end of his illustrious career, advances the philosophically important idea that reason can serve as a connection between the devout and God. Al-Ghazali argues that abstracting God from the world, as he believed theologians did, was not sufficient for understanding. Exploring the boundary between philosophy and theology, The Niche of Lights
 seeks to understand the role of reality in the perception of the spiritual.
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