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Adi Shankara, Meister Eckhart, Rumi & Sri Ramakrishna: On Love

Adi Shankara, Meister Eckhart, Rumi & Sri Ramakrishna: On Love
Photo: Berber girl from Ouled Naïl Mountains of Algeria by Lehnert & Landrock collection; 1800s.



​'Brahman is Beauty and Love. You will find Brahman, the absolute existence, deep within your own heart.'

(Adi Shankara)

'What a man loves a man is'. If he loves a stone he is that stone, if he loves a man he is that man, if he loves God - nay, I durst not say, he is God, he might stone me. I do but teach you the scriptures. 

(Meister Eckhart)

My soul is a furnace: it is happy with the fire: 'tis enough for the furnace that it is the fire's house.


'If you must be mad, be it not for the things of the world. Be mad with the love of God.'

(Sri Ramakrishna)



Recommended reading for children:

'Saint Anthony the Great'
by John Chryssavgis (Author), Marilyn Rouvelas (Author), Isabelle Brent (Illustrator)

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Do you sometimes feel unhappy or jealous and don’t know what to do? A long time ago, Anthony (c. 251-360 A.D.) felt like this, but decided to do something about his sad heart. He gave up everything he owned and set out with nothing to find answers. His journey took him into the desert of Egypt, where he came face to face with many temptations. But through being quiet and alone in the wilderness, Anthony discovered the power of God’s love in his heart. For many years Anthony taught other people how to live with love, joy, courage, and peace. People can still learn from him today, if only they pay attention to his good life and teachings. The answers are also there for you. Will you take the journey with us?

Saint Anthony the Great tells the story of the father of Christian monasticism, who lived in the Egyptian desert just two hundred and fifty years after Jesus’ lifetime. This beautifully illustrated book will capture the attention of young readers and help teach them about Anthony’s struggle to acquire a pure heart. Here is a timeless story about the victory of good over evil, inside us and around us.
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