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Ahmed Ghazali: The root of love grows out of the infinite pre-existence

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Ahmed Ghazali: The root of love grows out of the infinite pre-existence

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Photo: Turkish Dervishes during the Ottoman Empire. The Abdullah Frères (French for "Abdullah Brothers") were a group of three Ottoman brothers of Armenian descent who were photographers of international fame during the late Ottoman Empire. They took pictures of scenic views and notable individuals, including sultans.



​'The root of love grows out of the infinite pre-existence. The diacritical dot of (the letter) ba' (ب) of yuhibbuhum (يحبهم He, i.e., God, loves them) was cast as a seed on the soil of yuhibbunahu (they love Him); nay, that dot was on hum (هم, them) until yuhibbunahu (they love Him) grew out. When the narcissus of love grew out, the seed was of the same nature as the fruit and the fruit had the same nature as the seed.'

(Ahmed Ghazali)



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This is the first of very few English books to treat Islam from its own point of view, from within the tradition. It is written for the Western reader interested in Islam, and also for the Western-educated Muslim. Here, the author seeks to answer from the Islamic standpoint, many of the criticisms brought against the Islamic tradition by the modern West. This book explains, in contemporary language, the truths of Islam as revealed in the Quran, and as followed by generations of devout Muslims. The major aspects of the Islamic tradition are discussed in detail, whilst the traditional Islamic doctrines and beliefs are explained in response to criticisms of modern thought, with frequent comparisons to other world religions. This revised edition of Seyyed Hossein Nasr's seminal work includes an updated, extensive, annotated bibliography for each chapter by both Muslim and Western scholars as welll as a Preface by Titus Burckhardt and a Foreword by Huston Smith. This classical book has been rendered into numerous languages including Indonesian, translated by the present President of Indonesia.
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