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Ancient Egyptian Prayer: God is one and alone

Ancient Egyptian Prayer: God is one and alone
Photo: Bonfils photograph of the Pyramids at Giza, ca. 1870




​God is one and alone.
and there is none other beside Him.
God is One and alone.
the maker of all His creatures.
God is a Spirit,
deep-hidden from the eye of man and from all things.
God is the Spirit of spirits,
of creation the Spirit divine.
God is God from the beginning
before all things were He was God.
Lord of existences is He.
Father of all,
God external,
God is the One everlasting,
perpetual, eternal, unending.
From endless time hath He been
and shall be henceforth and for ever.
God is hidden,
and no man His form hath percieved nor His likeness.
Unknown of gods and of men,
mysterious, incomprehensible.
God is Truth,
and on truth doth He live;
King of truth divine is He.
God is life;
and man liveth through Him,
the Primeval Alone.

(Ancient Egyptian Prayer)




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