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Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani: Nonexistence

Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani: Nonexistence

Photo: Man with his wives and servants inEgypt by Zangaki Brothers.



within existence
is my Rule
getting lost
in getting lost
my Religion.

(Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani)



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'The Longing In Between: Sacred Poetry From Around The World' 
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"The Longing in Between is a work of sheer beauty. Many of the selected poems are not widely known, and Ivan M. Granger has done a great service, not only by bringing them to public attention, but by opening their deeper meaning with his own rare poetic and mystic sensibility."

(ROGER HOUSDEN; Author of the best-selling Ten Poems to Change Your Life series)

"Ivan M. Granger's new anthology, The Longing in Between, gives us a unique collection of profoundly moving poetry. It presents some of the choicest fruit from the flowering of mystics across time, across traditions and from around the world. After each of the poems in this anthology Ivan M. Granger shares his reflections and contemplations, inviting the reader to new and deeper views of the Divine Presence. This is a grace-filled collection which the reader will gladly return to over and over again."
(LAWRENCE EDWARDS, Ph.D. Author of Awakening Kundalini: The Path to Radical Freedom and Kali's Bazaar)
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