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Binawa Badakhshani: When I Become Water

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Binawa Badakhshani: When I Become Water

Photo: Woman of Ouled-Nail.



When I became water,
I looked like a mirage.

When I became the sea,
I looked like froth
and foam.

When I became aware,
the entire world seemed forgetful.

When I became awake,
I saw I'd been asleep.

(Binawa Badakhshani)




Quote Source & Recommended Reading:

'Love's Alchemy: Poems from the Sufi Tradition' 

By David R. Fideler (Author), Sabrineh Fideler (Author)

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Working from the original Persian sources, translators and scholars David and Sabrineh Fideler offer faithful, elegant translations that represent the full scope of Sufi poetry. These concise, tightly focused meditations span only a few lines but reveal worlds of meaning. The poems explore many aspects of human life and the spiritual path, but they center on the liberating power of love.
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