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Brethren of Purity: And know, O Brother

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Brethren of Purity: And know, O Brother
Photo: 1429 Persian manuscript. Schanzabeh, the innocent bull courtier, is murdered unjustly by King Lion. The scheming jackal vizier Dimna watches in full view of his shocked brother Kalila.
'And know, O Brother, may God assist you and us with a spirit of His, that you ought to know for certain that you alone cannot redeem yourself from the affliction of this world into which you have fallen because of the [sin] committed by our [fore] father Adam. You need for your redemption and liberation of generation and corruption—and ascension to the world of celestial spheres—and proximity to God’s close angels, the assistance of brethren who are sincere advisers and associated with you by bonds of friendship, who are virtuous and have insight into affairs of religion, so that they can apprise you of the path of the hereafter and how to attain it. So, take an example from the story of the ring-dove mentioned in the book of Kalila wa-Dimna and how it freed itself from the snare.'

(Brethren of Purity)



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'The Mysteries of Purification: Book 3 of the Revival of the Religious Sciences'
By Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (Author)

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   In the The Mysteries of Purification (Kita b asra r al-t aha ra), the third of the forty books of the Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ih ya ulu m al di n), Abu H a mid al-Ghaza li explains the fundamentals of the purification that is necessary in order to perform the five daily prayers. The book begins with an introduction to the general topic of purity. Al-Ghaza li explains the h adi th Purification is half of faith, and reminds readers that, for the earliest Muslims, inner purification was much more important than outer purification.
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