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Christ to St. Consolata Betrone: When the heart is very sick

Christ to St. Consolata Betrone: When the heart is very sick
Photo: St. Therese Neumann displays her stigmata marks during Easter, 1926. Therese Neumann was a German Catholic mystic and stigmatic. On March 10, 1918, Therese Neumann was partially paralyzed after falling off a stool while attending to a fire in her uncle’s barn. She sustained more falls and injuries during this period. After one particular fall in 1919, she lost much of her eyesight. Therese reported that her eyesight was fully restored on April 29, 1923 -- the day Therese of Lisieux was beatified (the first step to sainthood) in Rome. She said that on March 5, 1926, the first Friday of Lent, a wound had appeared slightly above her heart, but that she had kept this secret. However, she did report a vision of Jesus at Mount Olivet with three Apostles. On Easter Sunday, she claimed a vision of the resurrection of Christ. For several consecutive Fridays after that, she stated she was experiencing the Passion of Christ, supposedly suffering in her own body along with all his historic agonies. She especially suffered the Passion on Good Fridays each year. By November 5, 1926, she displayed nine wounds on her head as well as wounds on her back and shoulders. According to several sources these wounds never healed or became infected and were found on her body at death. From the years of 1922 until her death in 1962, Therese Neumann said she had consumed no food other than The Holy Eucharist, and to have drunk no water from 1926 until her death. In July 1927 a medical doctor and four Franciscan nurses kept a watch on her 24 hours a day for a two-week period. They confirmed that she had consumed nothing except for one consecrated sacred Host a day, and had suffered no ill effects, loss of weight, or dehydration. Formal proceedings for her beatification were begun in 2005.



​'When the heart is very sick, it makes even a robust person inactive. Thus, if the heart does not belong to Me, I do not know what to make of the soul, no matter how much she is adorned with virtues.'

​(Christ to St. Consolata Betrone)


Quote Source and Recommended Reading:

'Jesus Appeals to the World'
by Lorenzo Sales (Author)

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In Jesus Apeals to the World, Sr. Bertone gives us a glimpse of the love Jesus has for each one of us. There are some powerful messages from heaven that Jesus gave Sr. Bertone for all of us. A must read for those who wish to grow spiritually.

"It is the prerogative of the Church to pass a definite judgment on 'Jesus Appeals to the World' which is based on the writings of the Capuchin nun, Sister Consolata Betrone. It would be presumptuous for any person, even a priest, to judge this book. Here we are concerned with something that seems too beautiful, too luminous, too tied up with the spirit, to have originated here on earth. I realize that in saying this I have already expressed my own opinion of 'Jesus Appeals to the World'. There is too much humility in Sister Consolata for her to have deceived herself and have accepted as words spoken by Our Lord what might instead be mere figments of her imagination... There is so much clarity in the soul of this Religious that the words in which she relates the manifestations of the Beloved of her soul reflect the very brightness of heaven. There is so much love for Jesus in this seraphic spouse of His, a love founded upon sacrifice, on self-denial, on annihilation of her own ego, that it is for this reason a true and sincere love. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that the Divine Spouse should have wished to makeuse of her for bringing His message of love to a world which loves Him so little."

(Rev. M. Venturini, FCJ)
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