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Dogen: To be disciplined in the Way

Dogen: To be disciplined in the Way
Photo: Shaolin Monks by Tomasz Gudzowaty.


To be disciplined in the Way of the Buddha means getting disciplined in dealing properly with your own I. To get
disciplined in dealing with your I means nothing other than forgetting your I. To forget your I means that you become
illumined by the things. To be illumined by the things means that you obliterate the distinction between your (so-called)
ego and the (so-called) ego of other things.



Recommended Reading:

'Toward a Philosophy of Zen Buddhism'
By Toshihiko Izutsu (Author)

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Zen experience defies all thinking and linguistic description and simply affirms what is evidently real: "The ordinary way—that precisely is the Way." After questioning the nature of reality, the Zen student discovers that what remains is what is. Although it seems that Zen would not lend itself to philosophical discussion, that all conceptualization would dissolve in light of this empiricism, in this volume, the author demonstrates that the "silence" of Zen is in fact pregnant with words.

A variety of topics are discussed: the experience of satori, ego and egolessness, Zen sense and nonsense, koan practice, the influence of Zen on Japanese painting and calligraphy and much more.
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