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Emperor Hong Wu: Hundred Character Eulogy

Emperor Hong Wu: Hundred Character Eulogy
Photo: Hui Muslim of China.



In 2013 I came across a poem which I asked a friend, Adrian Chan-Wyles (Shi Da Dao) to translate. It is a short Chinese text entitled the 'Hundred Character Eulogy' to Islam. When the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) over-threw the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) and chased the Mongolians out of China, the first emperor Hong Wu (1328-1396), instead of attacking the Islamic faith ordered that mosques be constructed so that Chinese Muslims could continue to pray and worship Allah. He also wrote a hundred character poem in praise of Islam - portraying the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as an enlightened sage of the highest order. This is significant as many descendants of Arab tradesmen practice (and preserve) Northern Chinese martial arts that are often linked to Long Fist. Both Muslims (and Jews) have lived in China for many centuries.

Below is the beautiful translation which Shi Da Dao generously gifted to the Muslim umma.

The Hundred Character Eulogy States: 

At the creation of the divine sky and the broad earth, 
The divine recorded the name. 

The great lineage transmitting Sage, 
Who was born in the western region. 

He was granted the Divine Classic, 
This is divided into 30 sections, 
Everywhere it converts all beings. 

Teacher of all monarchs, leader of all sages. 

Divine help and assistance, secures and shelters the populace of the country. 

Congregate 5 times a day to pray, silently invoke supreme peace. 

Keep Allah in your heart, and empower the poor people. 

Rescue and save all from suffering, lead them through the darkness. 

Guide spirits and souls; lead them away from sinful behaviors. 

Let benevolence cover the world, follow the ancient Way here and now. 

Conquer evil continuously, and teach in the name of Islam. 

Muhammad, the Very Honourable Sagely Person. 

© Adrian Chan-Wyles, Shi Da Dao, 2013. Visit his website here.


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