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Excerpt from 'The Three-Character Rhymed Classic on the Ka‘bah' by Ma Fu-ch’u (Yusuf Ma Dexin)

Excerpt from 'The Three-Character Rhymed Classic on the Ka‘bah' by Ma Fu-ch’u (Yusuf Ma Dexin)

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Photo:  Dervish during the Ottoman Empire by Guillaume Berggren; 1880.

Because there are Heaven and Earth

the ten thousand creatures are born;

because there are sun and moon

Heaven and Earth have light;

because there is the Sage

enlightening teachings arise.

To hear the teaching of the Sage

is to deepen knowledge and perception,

to know the past,

clearly to understand the future and the present,

to grasp the origin of Heaven and Earth

and the source of the myriad creatures,

to attain to celestial principles

and to see into the hearts of men;

it shows us the road we have come by

and demonstrates the return to Reality;

it makes us aware of our heart and nature

and enables us to penetrate ultimate mysteries;

perpetuated by the wise men of old

it is enshrined in scriptural classics.


Ma Fu-ch’u (Yusuf Ma Dexin, 1794–1874)
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