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Fakhr al-Din Iraqi: He perfect is alone, and glorious for evermore

Fakhr al-Din Iraqi: He perfect is alone, and glorious for evermore
Photo: A Persian miniature from the “Haft Awrang” (“Seven Thrones”, a classic of Persian literature) commissioned by the Safavid Prince Ibrahim Mirza around 1560, now in the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.
He perfect is alone, and glorious for evermore,
His Unity supreme above imagining,
His wondrous work beyond analysis.
I do not say, He is the soul’s soul: whatso’er I
say, that He transcends, for He is free of space,
and may not be attained by swiftest thought or
further sense.
If thou wouldst serve the Friend, and win His
grace, He is thine eye, thine ear, thy tongue, thy brain:
And since through Him thou speakest, and through
Him hearest, before His Being thou art naught;
for so, when shines the sun’s own radiance,
the light of stars is

(Fakhr al-Dīn ʿIrāqī)
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(Annnemarie Schimmel, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University and author of Mystical Dimensions of Islam)
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