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Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi: I am Love

Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi: I am Love
Photo: An Ottoman Mevlevi Sheikh, Bir Osmanlı Mevlevi Şeyhi; 1890s.
I am Love, having no place in this world or the next,Having no signs, like the Anqa, the fabulous bird.

With my eyebrow and my wink, I have captured this world and the next as my prey.
Yet you see me not carrying arrows and a bow.

In every mote I am reflected and seen like the sun,But the sun of my face, for its extreme brightness, cannot be seen.

With every tongue I speak and with every ear I listen,Yet, strangely enough, my own tongue and ear cannot be seen.

Since I am all and everything that exist in the universe, I am unique, nothing resembles me in this world or the next.

(Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi)
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