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Fakhruddin Iraqi: Holy, holy!

Fakhruddin Iraqi: Holy, holy!

Photo: Bedouin mother, 1949.


Holy, holy!
Veils hide His Reality,
so none but God
knows who He is.
Take what you want
for God is there;
Say what you will about Him
for He embraces all.

He Himself spoke the Truth
He Himself listened.
He Himself showed Himself
He Himself saw.

His loveliness owns
a hundred thousand faces;
gaze upon a different fair one
in every atom;
for He needs must show
to every separate mote
a different aspect
of His beauty.
"One" is the fountainhead
of all numbers:
Each split second wells up
a new perplexity.

"Whose beloved are You"
I asked,
"O You who are so
unbearably beautiful?"
"My own," He replied,
"for I am One and Alone
love, lover, and beloved -
mirror, beauty and the very eyes
that see."

(Fakhruddin Iraqi)


Source and Recommended Reading:

'Fakhruddin Iraqi (CWS): Divine Flashes'
By William Chittick (Author)

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One of the foremost expositors of Sufi teachings, Fakhruddin Iraqi (1213-1289) was one of the greatest of Persian poets. His masterpiece, Divine Flashes, is a classic expression of Sufi love mysticism.

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