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Gharib Nawaz: The Second Jesus

Gharib Nawaz: The Second Jesus
Photo: Bedouins with their wealth of goats, 1898.


O Lord, it's me: blanked out in divine light
and become a horizon of rays flashing from the Essence.

My every atom yearned for vision
till I fell drunk on the manifestations of lordship.

Love polished the rust from my heart's mirror
till I began to see the mysteries;

I emerged from the darkness of my existence
and became what I am (you know me) from the Light of Being:

blackened like charcoal dark soul's smoke
but mixed with love fires and illumined.

Some say the path is difficult;
God forgive them! I went so easily:

The Holy Spirit breathes his every breath into Mo'in--
who knows? Maybe I'm the second Jesus.

Gharib Nawaz)
Source and Recommended Reading:

'The Drunken Universe: An Anthology of Persian Sufi Poetry'By Peter Lamborn Wilson (Translator), Nasrollah Pourjavady (Translator)

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