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Guru Nanak Dev: Japji Sahib

Guru Nanak Dev: Japji Sahib
Photo: A Nihang in the 1860s with a characteristically elaborate turban. The Nihang (Punjabi: ਨਿਹੰਗ) are an armed Sikh order.They are also referred to as Akali (lit. immortal). Nihang are believed to have originated either from Fateh Singh and the attire he wore or from the "Akal Sena"(lit. The Army of the Immortal) started by Guru Hargobind. Their beliefs differ from orthodox Sikhs in that they maintain some tenets of the Hindu faith, such as worshipping deities of the Hindu pantheon as aspects of the one god. Early Sikh military history was dominated by the Nihang, known for their victories where they were heavily outnumbered. Traditionally known for their bravery and ruthlessness in the battlefield, the Nihang once formed the guerrilla squads of the armed forces of Ranjit Singh.



By thinking and thinking again a hundred thousand times, one cannot find a solution
By being quiet, peace cannot be found even if poised deep in meditation forever
The hunger of the hungry cannot be quenched if food is carried as baggage
One may possess a hundred thousand clever ideas, but even one will not accompany him
How then can one be purified? How can one throw away the falsehood?
Says Nanak, By Abiding by the Command of God, which is written along with everyone!
By Your Command entities are formed. Your Command cannot be predicted.
With your Command one obtains respect and is praised.
By Your Command Ups & Downs occur. With Your Command is written suffering and happiness.
Without Your Command no one is blessed. With your Command one lives in perpetual migrations.
Everyone in Within Your Command, None is outside His Order.
Says Nanak, "Whosoever realizes Your Command, Never speaks in ego."

(Guru Nanak Dev: 'Japji Sahib')



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