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Prophet Muhammad (recorded in Ibn Arabi's Mishkat al-Anwar): Repeat La Ilaha Ila Allah Ceaselessly

Prophet Muhammad (recorded in Ibn Arabi's Mishkat al-Anwar): Repeat La Ilaha Ila Allah Ceaselessly

Photo: The Kaaba in 1947.
The Beloved Muhammad ﷺ reported:

The Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, once supplicated:"O Lord, teach me a way by which I can continuously remember You and pray to You."

Repeat la ilaha ilallah, there is no Reality apart from Supreme Reality.

"O Lord, all your servants affirm this."

Repeat la ilaha ilallah ceaselessly.

"There is indeed no reality apart from You, O Allah, yet I long for an invocation that You would give uniquely to me."

My noble Moses, if the seven heavens and the seven levels of earth, including all their inhabitants, were on one side of the scale and la ilaha ilallah on the other, la ilaha ilallah would have greater weight.

(Hadith 85 was collected by the sage an-Nasa'i and comes from the transmission of the noble companion Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, may Allah be pleased with him. It is recorded in Ibn Arabi's 'Mishkat al-Anwar'.)
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Jane Casewit holds two masters degrees in education and is an independent education consultant, translator and editor in Rockville, Md. Dr. Maurice Gloton was born in Paris in 1926. At the peak of his career he left the world of big business in France and devoted himself to diffusing Islamic spiritual writings to the French speaking public. Edin Q. Lohjahas translated and edited over 80 volumes in Albanian, English, and Bosnian in the field of metaphysics, philosophy, and spirituality.Sara Swetzoff is an assistant editor for the journal Sociology of Islam and a PhD student in Howard University's African Studies program."
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