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Prophet Muhammad (Recorded in Ibn Arabi's Mishkat al-Anwar): You love my servant too

Prophet Muhammad (Recorded in Ibn Arabi's Mishkat al-Anwar): You love my servant too
Photo: Dervish Bageh, one of Hadj Nemat's dervishes. Nematollah Mokri Jeyhounabadi (1871-1920), who would later become known as Hadj Nematollah or Hadj Nemat, was a Kurdish mystic who is perceived as one of the most prominent figures of the Ahl-e Haqq order. In addition to the many wonders attributed to him, the sweeping reforms that he introduced within the Ahl-e Haqq community are among his remarkable achievements.
The beloved Muhammad, may Allah bestow peace and blessing upon him, once reported:

When Allah deeply loves one of His Servants, He calls Gabriel and informs the Archangel: I love this person; you love My servant, too.

From that moment, Gabriel loves this person and announces throughout the heavens:

"Allah Most High loves this person; you love this servant, too." From that moment, the inhabitants of the heavens love this person. Afterward, this servant begins to be loved and recognized by those on earth.

When Allah withdraws His Good Pleasure from on of His servants, He summons Gabriel and informs the Archangel: I am displeased with this person, you be displeased with this unfaithful servant, too.

From that moment, Gabriel feels displeased with this person and announces to the inhabitants of the heavens: "Allah Most High has withdrawn His Good Pleasure from this person; you be displeased too." From that moment, they become displeased.

Afterward, this servant begins to encounter widespread displeasure from those on earth.

(Hadith 89 was collected by the sage Muslim and comes from the transmission of the intimate companion Abu Hurayra, may Allah be pleased with him. It is also recorded in Ibn Arabi's 'Mishkat al-Anwar'.)
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MUHYI AD-DIN IBN ‘ARABI was an outstanding Spanish-born mystic and one of the most prolific writers in Islamic history. He made major contributions to the fields of Qur’an commentary, jurisprudence, theology, philosophy, cosmology and spiritual psychology, and he was also a great poet of love. Although he is known as the first spokesman for the ‘oneness of being,’ his real focus was the diverse modalities of human perfection. He marks a transition in Sufism from practical instructions on healing the heart and aphorisms on the divine mysteries to an equal stress on the theoretical issues that had long been the topic of philosophy and theology.

This book by a leading expert covers Ibn ‘Arabi’s life and teachings. Accessible yet authoritative, it also includes a guide for further reading, and will prove an indispensable resource for readers of all backgrounds.

WILLIAM C. CHITTICK is Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Asian and Asian-American Studies, Stony Brook University. He is author and translator of twenty five books and well over one hundred articles, including Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul, also published by Oneworld.
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