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Prophet Muhammad (Recorded in the Mushkat al-Anwar of Ibn Arabi): The desire to behold My Face

Prophet Muhammad (Recorded in the Mushkat al-Anwar of Ibn Arabi): The desire to behold My Face
Photo: Ottoman Jerusalem, 1900.


The beloved Muhammad, may Divine Peace and Blessings be upon him, once reported:

On the Day of Resurrection, the sealed books of the souls will be brought before Allah Most High and opened. The Exalted and Glorious One will instruct the angels: Reject those particular actions and accept only these.

The angels will reply: "We swear by Your Divine Power that we see only good in those actions that You command us to reject."

The Most High, who is infinitely more knowing than they, will answer: These deeds were performed for other purposes than the longing to please only Me. Today, I will accept only those good actions that spring from the desire to behold My Face.

(Hadith 92, was collected by the sage ad-Daraqutri and comes from the transmission of the noble companion Anas ibn Malik, may Allah be pleased with him. It is recorded in the Mushkat al-Anwar of Ibn Arabi)



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