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Prophet Muhammad: Burning with Desire and Love

Prophet Muhammad: Burning with Desire and Love
Photo: Bedouin, 1898.


Muhammad the Messenger ﷺ once said:

Our Lord, blessed and exalted is He, revealed to me His Divine Good Pleasure concerning a faithful believer who was doing battle in the Way of Allah. His warrior companions were scattered. Fully aware that he was without their protection, he returned and fought bravely until his blood was spilled. Thereupon the Exalted and Majestic One proclaimed to His angels: Look upon My servant. He has returned into battle, burning with desire and love for Me, even to the point of spilling his own blood.

(This hadith, appearing in the collection of the sage Abu Da'ud, was originally reported by the noble companion 'Abd-Allah ibn Mas'ud, may Allah be pleased with him. It is recorded in Ibn Arabi's 'Mishkat al-Anwar'.)


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