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Hadith Qudsi: For the Sake of My Majesty

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Hadith Qudsi: For the Sake of My Majesty
Photo: Call to prayer from the minaret of al-Azhar during Ottoman rule.



The glorious Messenger, may Allah bless him and shower peace upon him, revealed these words directly from the Most High:

Those who love each other here simply for the sake of My Majesty will there receive thrones of light that will amaze even the prophets and martyrs.

(Transmitted by Mu'adh ibn Jabal)



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'Sufi Meditation and Contemplation: Timeless Wisdom from Mughal'
By Carl W. Ernst (Author), Scott Kugle (Editor)

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Sufi Meditation and Contemplation offers fresh translations of three classic Sufi texts from Mughal India: The Alms Bowl of Shaykh Kalimullah Shajehanabadi, The Compass of Truth by Dara Shikoh, and the Treatise on the Human Body attributed to Mu'in al-Din Chishti. These texts elucidate meditation practices and the resulting effects. All three come from the Mughal era in India, which witnessed a flowering of Sufism in innovative personalities, diverse mysticalorders and bold literary expressions."Meditation is the way to instill the values in the heart, to such a depth that the heart itself is transformed. The heart then is not merely an organ in the body, and is not just on's own personal center; when properly activated through meditation, the heart opens up to reveal the very presence of God with one and with all. To find this state of loving intimacy is the advice of the Qur'an when it says, 'So remember me, that I may remember you". And according to Sufi teachings, to meditate and contemplate is the way to draw God down to you and to allow yourself to be lifted up toward God.'"
(From the foreword by Scott Kugle)
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