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Hadith Qudsi: I am with the Believers

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Hadith Qudsi: I am with the Believers
Photo:Public Scribe, Cairo, ca 1880 by Émile Béchard.



​Muhammad the Messenger, may Divine Blessings and Grace be upon him, reported these words directly from Allah Most High:

I am with the believers however they may remember Me and repeat My Names. If they remember Me silently within the heart, I remember them within My Heart. If they remember Me in gatherings, I remember them in a far more exalted gathering. If they come close to Me by as much as th
e width of a hand, I come close to them by an arm's length. If they come close to Me by an arm's length, I come close to them by two arm's lengths. If they come toward Me at the speed of walking, I approach them at the speed of running.

(Transmitted by Abu Hurayra)



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