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Hadith Qudsi: Long Ardently to Fight in the Way of Allah

Hadith Qudsi: Long Ardently to Fight in the Way of Allah
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Muhammad the Messenger, upon him be Divine Peace, reported these words from Allah Most High concerning those who leave home to fight for the protection of the religion:
I send My noble warriors forth with the pure intention of fighting in My Way, experiencing complete faith in Me and acknowledging all My Prophets. After giving these warriors the vision of a reward never offered before, I assure them that they will either enter Paradise as martyrs or return safely to their homes.
Thereupon the Messenger, upon him be peace, proclaimed:
By the One who holds the soul of Muhammad in His Hand, there are no persons wounded along the Way of Allah, exalted be He, who do not appear on the Day of Resurrection in the very state of valor in which their wounds were received. The complexion of these noble warriors will be bright as blood and their scent sweet as musk. By the One who holds the soul of Muhammad in His Hand, if it were not for the distress felt by unarmed Muslims, I would never stay in the rear of any battle waged for the sake of Allah. I do not have the means to equip all Muslims for battle, nor do they themselves have the means, and it would be intolerable for them to be left behind, far from me. Therefore, I stand with them By the One who holds the soul of Muhammad in His Hand, were it possible, I would long ardently to fight in the Way of Allah, to be martyred, to fight again and be martyred, and to fight again and be martyred again.
(Hadith Qudsi)
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