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Hadith Qudsi: O My Cherished Servants

Hadith Qudsi: O My Cherished Servants
Photo: Portrait of a Dervish, late 19th-early 20th century, by Antoin Sevruguin.




Muhammad the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, once transmitted these words directly from the Most High: 
O cherished servants, as I have made injustice unlawful for Me, so I have made it unlawful for you. Be not unjust. 
O servants, all of you are wandering astray except the ones whom I have guided. Ask Me to guide and I will guide you. 

O servants, all of you are hungry except those whom I have fed. Ask Me to feed you and I will feed you. 
O servants, indeed you are erring night and day, yet I forgive all offences. Ask Me to forgive and I will forgive you. 
O servants, although you may think you are doing harm to Me through your negative actions, no harm can reach Me. Although you may imagine you are benefitting Me through your good deeds, these acts of yours cannot add the least particle of goodness to My Own overflowing Goodness. 
O servants, even if the entire spectrum of intelligent beings-- from the first of you to the last of you, from human beings to beings on subtle planes-- possessed the heart of the most evolved ones among you, this would add nothing to My Kingdom. 
O servants, even if all intelligent beings, from the first to the last, possessed the heart of the most rebellious ones among you, this would take away nothing from My Kingdom. 
O servants, if all intelligent beings, visible and invisible, gathered together and demanded their most sublime wishes from Me and I granted every one of them, this would in no way diminish the treasures that are with Me, any more than a needle dipped in the ocean would decrease the ocean. 
O servants, I take account of your deeds only according to their subtle inner intentions, and it is according to these intentions that I will fully reward you. 
O servants, those who see goodness all around them are opening their being to the praise of Allah. Those who find other than the good can blame only themselves. 
(Hadith Qudsi from the transmission Abu Dharr)




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