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Hadith Qudsi: The Secret Lovers

Hadith Qudsi: The Secret Lovers
Mosque guard on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, 1920s




Muhammad the Messenger, may Allah bestow grace and peace upon him, once transmitted these words directly from the Most High:

Among the most intimate to Me of My saints are the believers of humble means who find their pleasure in prayer, worshipping their Lord in the most beautiful way, and who obey Him both secretly and openly. These saints are hidden among the people. They are not always pointed
 out by Me. They are content with small sustenance. They receive and bear trials patiently.

The Messenger of Allah went on to comment about these secret lovers:

Their death comes swiftly, their mourners are few, their family inheritance is meager.

At that, he struck his thigh with great enthusiasm.

(Hadith Qudsi transmitted by Abu Umama)




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