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Hafiz: Sun Rays

Hafiz: Sun Rays
Photo: Folio from an illustrated manuscript of Hafiz. Painting by Sultan Muhammad (active first half 16th century)
O Winebringer, the sun is up. Fill my goblet full of wine.
Hurry, for night will come, and then we'll have to sleep.
Outside, the doomsayers are announcing the end of the world.
Quick! give us some of Your delicious wine!
If it is fame and glory that you are looking for from the sun,
Then go back to sleep; there is only divine knowledge to its rays.
When Judgment Day arrives and the sky becomes a jug of poor clay,
Make your skull into a clay cup, and fill it with this pitcher's wine.
Now is not the time to be making small talk with your friends;
Speak only of the cup and of the wine.
Hafiz, get up! Get out of bed. You've work to do,
And the worship of wine is all the worthwhile work there is!
Recommended Reading:
'Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved: Poems of Hafiz'
by Hafiz (Author), Thomas Rain Crowe (Translator)
Purchase Book:
The Persian Sufi poet Hafiz (1326–1390) is a towering figure in Islamic literature—and in spiritual attainment as well. Known for his profound mystical wisdom combined with a sublime sensuousness, Hafiz was the supreme master of a poetic form known as the ghazal (pronounced "guzzle"), an ode or song consisting of rhymed couplets celebrating divine love. In this selection of his poems, wine and the intoxication it brings are the image that expresses this love in all its joyful abandon, painful longing, bewilderment, and surrender. Through ninety-five free-verse renditions, we gain entry into the mystical world of Hafiz's Winehouse, with its happy minstrels, its bewitching Winebringer, and its companions in drunken longing whose hearts cry out, "More wine!" Thomas Rain Crowe brings a new dimension to our growing appreciation of Hafiz and his wise drunkard's advice to the seekers of God:
In this world of illusion, take nothing other than this cup of wine;
In this playhouse, don't play any games but love.
"Thomas Rain Crowe brings the Persian Sufi poet Hafiz (1326–1390) to life in this lively version of his timeless work. A fine addition to the growing number of English translations of his work."
(The Bloomsbury Review)
"Takes us home to the truths that transcend political factionalism, religious fanaticism, and literary provincialism. . . . Thomas Rain Crowe takes this ancient form and makes it alive with our own language while still retaining the echoes of the old ways embodied in the ghazal."
"Hafiz speaks the immortal language of love today through Thomas Rain Crowe."
(Shaykh Sherif Baba, head of the Turkish Rifa'i-Marufi Sufi Order of America)

"The source, the gravity, and the light that will direct us home is Love. Hafiz is a poet intoxicated by this incredible Love—a wise-drunk man—how rare! Thomas Rain Crowe brings this illuminating poetry to this edge of centuries as we continue to look for love—perfect timing for these songs."
(Joy Harjo, author of In Mad Love and War)
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