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Hermes, Philo & Dante:Simultaneity of the Divine Act

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Hermes, Philo & Dante:Simultaneity of the Divine Act
Photo: Russian Orthodox monk with a birchbark basket from Valamo Monastery; Karelia, Russia.
For with God, to will is to accomplish, inasmuch as, when he wills, the doing is completed in the self-same moment as the willing.
There is an end, then, of the notion that the universe came into being ‘in six days’.
For nor before nor after was the process of God’s outflowing over these waters.
(Dante; Paradiso, XXIX. 2)
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'A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom: An Encyclopedia of Humankind's Spiritual Truth' 

By Whitall N. Perry  (Author)

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This extraordinary compendium gives access to what the greatest minds of all time and the various faith and philosophical traditions say on every aspect of the spiritual life, be it faith, patience, suffering, or mercy. Relevant passages are included, such as Eckhart, Philo, Rumi, the Talmud, Shakespeare, Rama Krishna, Black Elk, The Psalms, the Tao Te Ching, and Milarepa, among countless others.
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