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Ibn Arabi: He suggests that knowledge of Him

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Ibn Arabi: He suggests that knowledge of Him
Photo: Dervish from Qajar Iran taken by Antoin Sevruguin



'He [God] suggests that knowledge of Him is inferred in knowledge of ourselves. Whenever we ascribe any quality to Him, we are ourselves [representative of] that quality, except it be the quality of His Self-sufficient Being. Since we know Him through ourselves and from ourselves, we attribute to Him all we attribute to ourselves. It is for this reason that the divine revelations come to us through the mouths of the Interpreters [prophets], for He describes Himself to us through us. If we witness Him we witness ourselves, and when He sees us He looks on Himself.'

(Ibn Arabi)




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'Ibn-Al-Arabi: The Bezels of Wisdom'By Ibn Al'Arabi (Author), R.W.J. Austin (Translator), Titus Burckhardt (Preface)

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