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Ibn Arabi (Mishkat al-Anwar): My True Lovers

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Ibn Arabi (Mishkat al-Anwar): My True Lovers
Photo: Ouled Nail couple from Algeria, c. 1910, by Lehnert Landrock.




Allah the Glorious and Majestic proclaims:

He speaks falsely who claims to love Me yet neglects Me for even a moment. Does not the true lover desire continuous intimacy with the beloved? I well know My true lovers, who behold Me ceaselessly. They adore Me during deep states of contemplation and converse with Me while immersed in My Presence during daily life. Tomorrow, I will refresh their eyes in My Gardens of Paradise.

(This khabar was transmitted through the sage al-Mufaddal. It is recorded in Ibn Arabi's Mishkat al-Anwar)




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