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Ibn Arabi (Mishkat al-Anwar): You Are the Faithful Ones

Ibn Arabi (Mishkat al-Anwar): You Are the Faithful Ones
Photo: Imamzadeh mosque, Qazvin; Qajar period.



Allah the All-Loving will proclaim to the people of Paradise: 

You are the faithful ones, and I am Allah the Faithful and the Protector of the Faithful. I have dedicated to you, O faithful ones, My Divine Name, Mumin, the Faithful. You will never again be fearful,nor will you grieve. You are My friends, My close ones, My honored ones, My chosen ones, My intimate ones, My beloved ones. And you will dwell forever in My Abode.

(This khabar was reported by the sage an-Naqqash, along with its lineage to the Prophet and is cited in Ibn Arabi's 'Mishkat al-Anwar')




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'Sanctity and Mysticism in Medieval Egypt: The Wafa Sufi Order and the Legacy of Ibn Arabi'
By Richard J. A. McGregor (Author)

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Using the original writings of two Egyptian Sufis, Muhammad Wafa' and his son 'Ali, this book shows how the Islamic idea of sainthood developed in the medieval period. Although without a church to canonize its "saints," the Islamic tradition nevertheless debated and developed a variety of ideas concerning miracles, sanctity, saintly intermediaries, and pious role models. In the writings of the Wafa's, a complete mystical worldview unfolds, one with a distinct doctrine of sainthood and a novel understanding of the apocalypse. Using almost entirely unedited manuscript sources, author Richard J. A. McGregor shows in detail how Muh\ammad and 'Ali Wafa' drew on earlier philosophical and gnostic currents to construct their own mystical theories and notes their debt to the Sufi order of the Shadhiliyya, the mystic al-Tirmidhi, and the great Sufi thinker Ibn Arabi. Notably, although located firmly within the Sunni tradition, the Wafa's felt free to draw on Shi'ite ideas for the construction of their own theory of the final great saint.
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