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Ibn Arabi, William Law & Boehme: Self Revelation

Ibn Arabi, William Law & Boehme: Self Revelation
Photo: Lady from Morocco; 1800s
God (al-ḥaqq=the Truth) wished to see the essences of His most perfect Names, which number could never exhaust,—or if thou preferest, thou canst equally say: God wished to see His own essence—in a global object, which being endowed with existence, recapitulates the whole divine order,—and in this way to manifest His mystery to Himself.
(Ibn Arabi)
I was among his hidden treasures.
From Nothing he called me forth.
(William Law)
For God has not brought forth the creation, that he should be thereby perfect, but for his own manifestation, viz. for the great joy and glory; not that this joy first began with the creation, no, for it was from eternity in the great mystery, yet only as a spiritual melody and sport in itself. The creation is the same sport out of himself, which he melodizes: and it is even as a great harmony of manifold instruments which are all tuned into one harmony.
Source and Recommended Reading:
​‘A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom: An Encyclopedia of Humankind's Spiritual Truth’
By Whitall N. Perry (Author), Huston Smith (Introduction), Marco Pallis (Foreword)
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