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Ibn Arabi, Chuang-tse, Robert Herrick and Mechthild of Magdeburg: On the Inexhaustibility of the Creator

Ibn Arabi, Chuang-tse, Robert Herrick and Mechthild of Magdeburg: On the  Inexhaustibility of the Creator

Portrait of Taoist monk 1945.
Who is Nature and Who is all that is manifested from her? We did not see her diminished by that which was manifested from her, or increased by the not-being of aught manifested that was other than she.

​(Ibn ‘Arabî)

To be poured into without becoming full, and pour out without becoming empty, without knowing how this is brought about,—this is the art of ‘Concealing the Light’. 

(Chuang-tse; ch. II)

Gods boundlesse mercy is (to sinfull man)
Like to the ever-wealthy Ocean:
Which though it sends forth thousand streams, ’tis ne’re
Known, or els seen to be the emptier:
And though it takes all in, ’tis yet no more
Full, and fild-full, then when full-fild before.

(Robert Herrick)

As God willed no longer to remain in Himself, alone, therefore created He the soul and gave Himself in great love to her alone. Whereof art thou made, O Soul, that thou soarest so high over all creatures and whilst mingling in the Holy Trinity, yet remainest complete in thyself?

(Mechthild of Magdeburg)
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