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Imam Birgivi: Adam,was the first human

Imam Birgivi: Adam,was the first human
Photo: A Portrait of an elderly Somali man, 1936.
Adam, peace be upon him, was the first human being God created and also the first prophet. When God intended to create a human being He had angels gather handfuls of earth from all parts of the world, high and low, black and white, mixed them with water, and made a wet clay. He made Adam’s body on a Friday and dried it for 40 years in the air and over fire. Then He blew life into it from His own breath, and Adam woke up in the Garden of Eden. God taught Adam His beautiful Names, which also included the names of all and everything created, and asked Adam to teach what he knew to the angels. When the human being was thus esteemed higher than the angels, God ordered the angels to prostrate in respect to Adam’s knowledge. All obeyed, but a jinn who was in heaven among the angels, ambitious for God’s approval and excessive in devotion, refused to humble himself in front of Adam, judging himself better than Adam. God cursed Satan and threw him away from the Garden and His mercy. But God permitted the Devil and its many children to test Adam’s children till the end of time.
Each human being has an accompanying devil that penetrates human nature as water penetrates a sponge. That devil whispers into the left ventricle of the human heart, inspiring fantasies, leading people into mischief and disobedience to their Lord. Satan is the archenemy of humanity—so recognize Satan as your enemy. If you do so, it will not have the power to steal your faith nor to lead you astray. But some say your ego, the desires of your carnality, make a devil 70 times more powerful than the Satan who is intent on destroying you.

(Imam Birgivi)
Source and Recommended Reading:
'Path of Muhammad: A Book on Islamic Morals and Ethics'
By Shaykh Tosun Bayrak (Author), Imam Birgivi (Author)
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Imam Birgivi was a 16th century Sufi scholar whose influence on Islamic morals and ethics continues to this day. This book is still being used as a text in many of the most important faculties of theology and in universities of many Muslim countries. In our day, which is characterised by a great misunderstanding of Islam, this outline of the ideal Islamic society as it was at the time of the Prophet Muhammad is especially pertinent. Through recourse to traditional sources, Imam Birgivi portrays the beauty and depth of the prophet's character and in so doing he provides an example for all Muslims. Because these virtues are of universal importance and pertain to man as such, this book offers a path of wisdom for all believers of all faiths.
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