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Jataka (i. 54), Proclus, Manava-dharma-sastra (I. 80) and Ananda Moyi: Creation as Play or Sport

Jataka (i. 54), Proclus, Manava-dharma-sastra (I. 80) and Ananda Moyi: Creation as Play or Sport

Photo: A fakir from India, 1800s.
It will be given to us to behold the Bodhisatta’s infinite Buddha-lîḷhâ and to hear his word.

​(Jakaka, i. 54)

People see his pleasure-ground;
Him no one sees at all.

(Bṛihad-Âraṇyaka Upanishad, IV. III. 14 )

The laughter of the Gods must be defined to be their exuberant energy in the universe, and the
cause of the gladness of all mundane natures.


Manvantaras are countless, as are also the creations and destructions; the Supreme Being does
this again and again as if in sport.

(Mânava-dharma-śâstra, I. 80)

This world, you see, is like a drum; there is a Being who plays all kinds of tunes on it.

(Ananda Moyi)
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