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Ja'far al-Sadiq: The believers have four signs

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Ja'far al-Sadiq: The believers have four signs
The believers have four signs: good humor, tactfulness, kind heartedness and openhandedness.
(Ja'far al-Sadiq)
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'A Mine of Meaning: Madin UL-Maani' By Sheikh Sharafuddin Maneri (Author) 
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'A Mine of Meaning: Madin UL-Maani'
By Sheikh Sharafuddin Maneri (Author)
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Filled with spiritual advice and inspiring teaching stories, this book will interest both the scholar and the seeker regardless of religious affiliation. Presenting the collected discourses of 14th-century Sufi Master Sharafuddin Yahya Maneri, it covers detailed aspects of theology, law, and spiritual life while communicating the goal of human perfection and the means for its attainment. Derived from a vast array of sources from the Quran and hadith traditions this account also constitutes a compendium of essential teachings by many of the most important Sufi Masters known during this vibrant period in the history of Sufism in India.
Sheikh Sharafuddin Maneri is one of the most beloved Muslim saints of India. He is widely known for his "100 Letters" addressed to the Governor of Chausa outlining the path to God. These letters are read, studied, and meditated upon by Sufis and spiritual seekers throughout India and South Asia. Zain Badr Arabi was the transcriber of Sharafuddin Yahya Maneri and the compiler of his "100 Letters." Paul Jackson, SJ, is a member of the Society of Jesus. He is the author of "The Way of a Sufi: Sharafuddin Maneri" and the translator and editor of "Sharafuddin Maneri: The Hundred Letters" and "In Quest of God."
"This precious text is essential reading for students of Persianate Islam in general, and Indian Sufism in particular."
(Mohammed Rustom, assistant professor, Carleton University)
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