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Javad Nurbakhsh: The Image of Existence

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Javad Nurbakhsh: The Image of Existence

Photo: Elderly man from Somalia/ Eritrea - 1936.
Come, so we can wash away the image of existence
and no longer speak of 'I' and 'we'.

Come, and like us let your thoughts pass away;
forget both worlds and be silent.

Come, but beware of the shame of knowing
send those endless lines of learning from your head.

Come, so we can cast far away all sayable things
and blind our eyes to all there is to see.

Come, we will be strangers to all
and seem mad in the eyes of the intellectuals.

Come, we'll empty ourselves of self
and leave behind the disgrace of 'I'.

Come, and welcome un-fulfillment,
for we do not suppose our self's desires to be the goal.

Come, and be drowned in the Ocean of Unity,
free from all thoughts of union and separation.

As this world is not even worth a grain of sand,
other than what is old and new, it is nothing.

(Javad Nurbakhsh)
Recommended Reading:

'Jesus in the Eyes of The Sufis'
By Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh (Author), Alireza Nurbakhsh (Editor)

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'Jesus in the Eyes of The Sufis'
By Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh (Author), Alireza Nurbakhsh (Editor)

Purchase Book:


Dr. Nurbakhsh presents here a wealth of stories and poems about Jesus, many of which are translated into English for the first time from the original Arabic and Persian Sufi sources in this second edition.

They represent the profound reverence that Sufis for centuries have felt for Jesus, regarding him as a symbol of love and the perfect master.

The enthusiastic attitude towards Jesus extended to Christianity in general, major symbols of which are frequently used by poets such as Hafiz and Rumi, and this book explains for the first time the inner meanings of these Christian symbols as they appear in Sufi mystical writings.

By explaining the importance of Jesus in the Sufi tradition, this book at the same time highlights the centrality of love and compassion for Sufis.

The main sections of this book are: 1.The Sayings of Jesus 2. God's Words to Jesus 3. Jesus Prayer 4. Poetry about the qualities of Jesus 5. Forty Stories about Jesus 6. Mystical Theories about Jesus 7. Jesus and the Antichrist 8. Symbolic Uses of the Name Jesus 9. Glossary of Sufi Terms relating to Christianity.
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