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Khwaja Mir Dard: When the teardrops

Khwaja Mir Dard: When the teardrops
Photo: Shaykh al-Sharif Al-Sayyid Muhammad al-Hasan ibn Alawi ibn Abbas ibn Abd al-Aziz al-Maliki al-Hasani al-'Idrisi al-Makki (1944–2004) was a prominent Sunni, Shadhili Islamic scholar from Saudi Arabia.



​When the teardrops have become friends of the rosary,
then the rosary's work is blessed for you.
But if your heart is hardened, be sure
that the thread of the rosary has turned into an infidel's girdle.

(Khwaja Mir Dard)




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Islam's acceptance of other religions remains an enigma for many Westerners. Yet it is Islam's doctrine of Unity, which affirms one supreme God, as well as its acceptance of multiple prophets, which explains its acceptance of other faiths. The sixteen articles in this volume discuss the fundamental universality of Islam and make the case for it as a religion and civilisation intrinsically equipped to address all aspects of the human experience, including the priority of Divine Mercy over Justice, the inclusive nature of prophecy, the emphasis on virtue and beauty, the Islamic ability to assimilate various cultural and ethnic languages and the capacity of Islamic mysticism or Sufism to serve as a spiritual bridge for interfaith dialogue between diverse religions. Contributors include, René Guénon, Titus Burckhardt and Seyyed Hossein Nasr and other experts in Islam and Sufism. This is another book in World Wisdom's series of Studies in Comparative Religion.


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