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Liu Chih: Whispered Prayer

Liu Chih: Whispered Prayer
Photo: A Uyghur man holding a baby on the palm of his hand. Photograph by William Vandivert


'My God, my God, deliver us from occupation with follies, and show us the realities of things as they are!' Lift the covering of heedlessness from our insight's eye and show us each thing as it is! Disclose not to us nonbeing in being's form, and place no curtain of nonbeing on being's beauty! Make these imaginal forms into the mirror of Your beauty's self-disclosures, not the cause of veiling and distance! Turn these imaginary imprints into the capital of our knowing and seeing, not the instrument of our ignorance and blindness! Our deprivation and rejection come from ourselves-turn us not over to ourselves! Bestow upon us freedom from ourselves, and confer upon us familiarity with Yourself!
O Lord,give me a pure heart, an aware spirit!
Give me sighs at night and tears at dawn!
In Your self's path, first take my self away from self,
then show me the way, selfless of self, to Yourself!
O Lord, make all creatures turn against me!
Put me to the side of all the worldlings!
Turn my heart's face from every direction,
give my love one direction and one face!
O Lord, free me from deprivation - why not?
Give me a road to the lane of gnosis - why not?
Your munificence has turned many a disbeliever into a Muslim.
Turn one more disbeliever into a Muslim - why not?
O Lord, free me from need for both worlds, lift my head high with poverty's harness!
Make me a confidant in the path of the secret,
turn me aside from every path not to You!

(Liu Chih)



Source & Recommended Reading:
'Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light'
By Sachiko Murata (Author)
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Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light investigates, for the first time in a Western language, the manner in which the Muslim scholars of China adapted the Chinese tradition to their own needs during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The book surveys the 1400-year history of Islam in China and explores why the four books translated from Islamic languages into Chinese before the twentieth century were all Persian Sufi texts. The author also looks carefully at the two most important Muslim authors of books in the Chinese language, Wang Tai-yu and Liu Chih. Murata shows how they assimilated Confucian social teachings and Neo-Confucian metaphysics, as well as Buddhism and Taoism, into Islamic thought. She presents full translations of Wang's Great Learning of the Pure and Real--a text on the principles of Islam--and Liu Chih's Displaying the Concealment of the Real Realm, which in turn is a translation from Persian of Lawa'ih', a famous Sufi text by Jami. A new translation of Jami's Lawa'ih' from the Persian by William C. Chittick is juxtaposed with Liu Chih's work, revealing the latter's techniques in adapting the text to the Chinese language and Chinese thought.
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