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Makhdum al-Mulk Shaykh Sharafuddin Maneri: The practice of fasting

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Makhdum al-Mulk Shaykh Sharafuddin Maneri: The practice of fasting
Photo: Hz. Suleyman Hayati Dede, Mevlevi Sheikh of Konya, Turkey (d. 1986) traveled to Western Europe and North America many times, bringing compassion and love to the lives of all who were fortunate to meet him. In 1978 he sent his son, Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras to America to continue fulfilling Dede’s inspiration; to bring the traditional teachings and practices of the Mevlevi to the west. 


The practice of fasting is highly esteemed by the Sufis. Whenever they wish to hear the word of God in their hearts, they go hungry for forty days. Assuredly, the Lord will speak to them in their hearts, because whatever may be revealed openly to the Prophets can only be hinted at secretly to the saints. A Sheikh has said, "A disciple needs three qualities: Unless he is overcome by drowsiness, he should not sleep; unless urged by necessity, he should refrain from speaking; unless he is starving, he should not eat." For some, two days and nights are enough; for still others, a week; and some may need a full forty days.
The cycle of eating requires preoccupations with the self, and anyone who is preoccupied with himself becomes hidden from the Beloved. Refraining from eating while sitting on the carpet of the Lord is better than eating in a palace with Him absent or hidden. Someone else has said, "Make a fast from this world, and break it with death!"
(Makhdum al-Mulk Shaykh Sharafuddin Maneri; Thank you


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