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Malak Jan Nemati: In the initial stages

Malak Jan Nemati: In the initial stages
Photo: Malak Jân Nemati (or Malek Jân Nemati). She was born in 1906 in Jeyhounabad, a village in Iranian Kurdistan. Also known as Sheikh Jâni and Saint Jani, she was a charismatic figure and a mystical writer and poet in Kurdish and Persian language. She was the daughter of Hajj Nematollah and the sister of Ostad Elahi. There are few written sources about her life. Some elements can be found in the words of her brother Ostad Elahi whom she was very close to. A biography in French was published on the occasion of the centennial of her birth, including the translation of some of her poems and sayings.


In the initial stages, a spiritual student is not accountable for his thoughts and fantasies, provided he does not act on them. But when he reaches higher levels, even the thought of such fantasies is harmful and will be counted against him... Once a spiritual student has reached such a level, he is capable of cleansing and purifying his heart of any undesirable trait - meaning that his heart automatically becomes clean and pure - so that no rancor, jealousy, pessimism, or the like remains. Because his heart is now pure and no longer tainted, thoughts and fantasies will be counted against him as a flaw. The heart of a true student is so pure and delicate that it can be washed and dried instantly, like a fine silk handkerchief.

(Malak Jan Nemati)


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