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Khalifa Ould Eide & Dimi Mint Abba: Moorish Music from Mauritania



Dimi Mint Abba is a mauritanian musician. Here she sings in partnership with her husband Khalifa Ould Eide (who sings, plays electric guitar and tidinit) and her two daughters. This is her first international release, which was possible thanks to a recommendation from Ali Farka Touré. Other accessible album of Dmiti Mint Abba is "Music and Songs of Mauritania" (1992)


1. Waidalal Waidalal
2. Yar Allahoo
3. Hassaniya Song For Dancing (Lebleyda Wigsar)
4. Hassaniya Love Poem (Wana Laily Ya Allah)
5. The Tortoise's Song (Ishteeb Laggatri)
6. Independence (Yar Moritani Alek Mubarak Listiqlal) 
7. Art's Plume (Sawt Elfan)
8. Oh Lord Bring Apartheid Crashing Down!
9. Mauritania My Beloved Country (Nikhtar An Kulelawtan Awtani Mauritan)
10. My Young People Do The Youth Of Nations Invite (Ashabab Yidie Shabab Aldual)
11. Autoot
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