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Muhittin Abdal: What a Human Is

Muhittin Abdal: What a Human Is

Photo: A Card Game in the South of Tunisia.
They're always talking about human, human --
What a human being is, now I know.
They are always discussing heart, the heart --
What the heart is, now I know.
Within the heart of the believer it was found --
it wasn't found anywhere outside.
We found it in our own vast selves.
What faith is, now I know.
This is how they pick the wheat from the chaff,
and where your words and deeds must speak for you.
This is where the wise ones guide the Path --
What the essence of this Sufi way is, now I know.
What the pious fearful carry like baggage,
why they shoot their arrows at the faithful,
What they hide and trumped in nice language --
What doubt is, now I know.
Given all these attributes, I became a person.
Through God's vastness I was forgiven everything.
I found absolute oneness with Reality.
What the guest is, now I know.
I said to my inner self Be humble,
and the Glorious One showered me in blessings;
There was a sign that seared me in the heart.
What the proof is, now I know.
Muhittin proclaims the Truth is a spectator.
God is everywhere if you are willing to see.
What is the hidden, what is the apparent --
What a human being is, now I know.

(Muhittin Abdal)
Source and Recommended Reading:
'Quarreling with God: Mystic Rebel Poems of the Dervishes of Turkey'
By Jennifer Ferraro (Author), Latif Bolat (Contributor)
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This collection presents, for the first time in English, a compilation of seven centuries of the mystic hymns of Turkey’s rebellious Sufi poets — the popular folk counterparts to Rumi whose poems are characterized by a passionate and unorthodox commitment to Truth. At the time Rumi was writing in ancient Anatolia, many other great mystics in the region were also composing wild, ecstatic, and controversial poems that were circulated among the people as spiritual songs and are still played and sung today in sacred dervish ceremonies and gatherings. The poems present a spiritual tradition from the Islamic world that bravely challenged orthodox religion and emphasized universal mystic love and tolerance.
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