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Mulla Uthman al-Musili: Ghazal Hijazi

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Mulla 'Uthman al-Mawsili was a blind prodigy, talented poet and composer, Quran recitor and disciple of the great Sufi master Abu-l Huda al-Sayyadi al-Rifa'i and the Ottoman Sultan 'Abdul-Hamid II. He learned the art of Maqam al-'Iraqi from the greatest Baghdadi musicians at the time, the famed Turkmen virtuoso Rahmat Allah Shiltegh (1798-1872), Hajj Abdullah al-Kirkukli, and Amin Agha ibn al-Hamamchiyya. He composed dozens of profane and religious songs that can be heard throughout the Arabic and Islamic world; many of these compositions and songs were later unjustly attributed to his students or labeled as "folklore".
Uthman immersed himself deep in more than one Sufi order like the Qadiriya, Rifa’iya, Mawlawiya and mastered the Farsi and Turkish languages both of which, in addition to Arabic, are very important for the study of Sufism.
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