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Nachmanides (Moses ben Nachman): Prayers for the Protection and Opening of the Heart

Nachmanides (Moses ben Nachman): Prayers for the Protection and Opening of the Heart
Photo: Portrait of a Rabbi from Iran during the Qajar period by Antoin Sevruguin; (1830s-1933)

May the Name send its hidden radiance
to open the gates of deliverance
to His servants -- and shine in their hearts,
which now are shut in silent darkness.

May the great King be moved
to act in perfection and righteousness --
to open the gates of wisdom for us
and waken the love of old, the love of ancient days.


By the power of the hidden name I-Am-That-I-Am,
and by the dew of Desire and Blessing, the dead will live again....


I-am is the power of your Name in concealment,
and one who knows its mystery dwells in eternity's instant.

Over the world, it pours forth abundance and favor,
and on it all worlds hang, like grapes in a cluster.

Send the dew of blessing, the dew of grace;
renew my dispensation, and grant me length of days.

Bring light to my eyes with your teaching, and let not the husks that surround your hosts obstruct me.
May Heaven and Adam's children judge me with mercy.

Sustain me with their strength and fortune --
but do not leave me in need of the gifts of men.

(Moses ben Nachman)
Source and Recommended Reading:

'The Poetry of Kabbalah: Mystical Verse from the Jewish Tradition'
By Peter Cole (Author), Aminadav Dykman (Author)

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This groundbreaking collection presents for the first time in English a substantial body of poetry that emerges directly from the sublime and often startling world of Jewish mysticism. Taking up Gershom Scholem’s call to plumb the “tremendous poetic potential” concealed in the Kabbalistic tradition, Peter Cole provides dazzling renderings of work composed on three continents over a period of some fifteen hundred years.

In addition to the translations and the texts in their original languages, Cole supplies a lively and insightful introduction, along with accessible commentaries to the poems. Aminadav Dykman adds an elegant afterword that places the work in the context of world literature. As a whole, the collection brings readers into the fascinating force field of Kabbalistic verse, where the building blocks of both language and existence itself are unveiled.

“Studded with insight, and written with great verve, this book will become a classic.”

(Lawrence Fine, author of Physician of the Soul, Healer of the Cosmos)

"Peter Cole offers a monumental view of the poetry of Kabbalah and honors the Kabbalistic reverence for song-as-knowledge by translating Hebrew into English song: his versions are graceful, clear, and most important, tuneful. They live in the ear and the heart, in English, with their own transformative power."
(Rosanna Warren)

"A groundbreaking work. Cole reveals and explores a subject that has hardly been noticed in previous scholarship or popular writing: the poetic aspect of Jewish mysticism. His translations are superb, his introductions to each section are clear and stimulating, and his notes are learned yet not intimidating, clarifying what would otherwise remain obscure. In short, he brings this material alive for a contemporary reader. This is a marvelous book."—Daniel Matt, author of The Essential Kabbalah and translator of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition
(Daniel Matt)

“Resplendent. . . a dazzling treasury of verse spanning more than 1,500 years and accompanied by fascinating, illuminating commentary rich in history, biography, and literary expertise. . . . Cole has brilliantly preserved [the poems’] 'diverse prosodies' and ecstatic lyricism in his supple translations, allowing readers to fully appreciate how they grapple with ‘timeless concerns’.”

“I’ve been reading and rereading. . . The Poetry of Kabbalah, an anthology of Jewish mystical verse translated by Peter Cole. This is ambitious poetry. It combines liturgical solemnity with outrageous flights of metaphor, and Cole’s versions match the originals step for step.”—Robyn Creswell, Paris Review Staff Picks
(Robyn Creswell Paris Review)

“A veritable banquet of poetry that gives resonant voice to the depths of religious longing and passionate devotion. . . . With its combination of poetic beauty, learned commentary and short introductory essays, The Poetry of Kabbalah offers the reader a substantial survey of Jewish mystical history and thought through the channel of richly textured lyric voices.”
(Eitan Fishbane The Forward)

Won Honorable Mention in the 2012 New York Book Festival Poetry category, sponsored by the New York Book Festival

(Poetry Honorable Mention New York Book Festival 2012-06-12)

"The Poetry of Kabbalah is the crown of Peter Cole’s sublime achievement as a poet-translator. Kabbalah is the alternate center of Judaic spiritual culture, not so much esoteric as superbly metaphoric. As poet and as imaginative exegete, Cole illuminates Kabbalah in the mode of Gershom Scholem and Moshe Idel."

(Harold Bloom)

Honorable Mention in the Poetry Category at the 2012 New England Book Festival.

(Poetry Category Honorable Mention New England Book Festival 2013-01-22)

Won a Honorable Mention for the 2012 Association of American Publishers PROSE Awards in the Literature Category.

(PROSE Association of American Publishers 2013-05-22)

Won honorable mention for the 2013 Lois Roth Award for a translation of a literary work. This award is given by the Modern Language Association.

(Lois Roth Award Modern Language Association 2013-12-03)

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