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Niffari, William Law, The All-Wise Doorkeeper, Empedocles and Anaxagoras: On The Process of Manifestation

Niffari, William Law, The All-Wise Doorkeeper, Empedocles and Anaxagoras: On The Process of Manifestation

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'I spoke a word, and the word glorified Me: then of the glorifying of the word created I a light and darkness. Of the light I created the spirits of such as believe, and of the darkness created I spirits of such as disbelieve. Then I mingled the light with the darkness, and made it to be a stone-jewel: the jewelness was of the light, and the stonines was of darkness.'


This world, with all its stars, elements, and creatures, is come out of the invisible world; it has not the smallest thing or the smallest quality of anything but what is come forth from thence.

(William Law)

Hermes...says that when God changed His form, the universe was suddenly revealed and put forth in the Light of Actuality—this world being nothing but a visible Image of a Hidden God. This is what the Ancients meant when they said that Pallas leapt forth in divine perfection from the forehead of Jupiter, with the aid of Vulcan (or Divine Light).

(The All-Wise Doorkeeper)

There is no origination of anything that is mortal, nor yet any end in baneful death; but only mixture and separation of what is mixed, but men call this 'origination.'


The Greeks do not rightly use the terms 'coming into being' and 'perishing.' For nothing comes into being, nor, yet, does anything perish; but there is mixture and separation of things that are. So they would do right in calling 'coming into being' 'mixture' and 'perishing' 'separation.'

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'An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols'
By J. C. Cooper (Author)

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In nearly 1500 entries, many of them strickingly and often surprisingly illustrated, J.C. Cooper has documented the history and evolution of symbols from pre-history to our own day. Lively, informative and often ironic, she discusses and explains an enormous variety of symbols extending from the Artic to Dahomey, from the Iroquois to Oceania, and coming from systems as diverse as Tao, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Tantra, the ancient cult of Cybele and the great Goddess, the Pre-Columbian religions of the Western Hemisphere and the Voodoo cults of Brazil and West Africa.

Jean C. Cooper (1905-1999) was born in China where she spent much of her childhood. Informed by the perspective of the Perennial Philosophy, she wrote and lectured extensively on the subjects of philosophy, comparative religion, and symbolism. He other books include Taoism, the Way of the Mystic, Yin and Yang, Chinese Alchemy, Fairy Tales: Allegories of the Inner Life, Symbolism, the Universal Language, and Symbolic and Mythological Animals.
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