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Niffari, Thomas Traherne, Boehme & Meister Eckhart: Self Revelation

Niffari, Thomas Traherne, Boehme & Meister Eckhart: Self Revelation
Photo:  Amazighia musican wearing a haik (but with her face uncovered) and two large fibulae as decorations. From the collection of Si Baaj Abdellah. 
‘Only for my service have I manifested thee. If I reveal the secret of this, it is for my intercourse; and if I approach thee, it is for my companionship. I have not manifested thee to continue in that which veils thee from Me, nor have I built thee and fashioned thee to advance and recede in that which divides thee from my intercourse.’
The Image of God is the most perfect creature. Since there cannot be two Gods the utmost endeavour of Almighty Power is the Image of God. It is no blasphemy to say that God cannot make a God: the greatest thing that He can make is His Image: a most perfect creature, to enjoy the most perfect treasures, in the most perfect manner. A creature endued with the most divine and perfect powers:...able to see all eternity with all its objects, and as a mirror to contain all that it seeth: able to love all it contains, and as a Sun to shine upon its loves.
(Thomas Traherne)
Man alone contains within himself as many species as exist on earth.
All the scriptures have been written, God has made the world and all angelic nature in order that God might be born in the soul and the soul be born into God. All cereal nature means wheat, all metal nature means gold, all generation means man. As one philosopher observes, ‘We can find no animal without some likeness to man.’
(Meister Eckhart)
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'The Unveiling of Love: Sufism and the Remembrance of God'
by Muzaffer Ozak (Author)

The Unveiling of Love is the inspired work of an enlightened master of the Sufi Way. Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak was the renowned spiritual leader of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order of Dervishes in Istanbul and in the U.S., as well as other countries in the West.
For the dervish, passionate and ecstatic adoration for the Divine Beloved illuminates both the heart and the mind. With the help of poems, traditional teaching stories and brief passages from the Koran, Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak unveils the meaning of spiritual affection and explores the relationsilip of lover and beloved.
Expressly written for a Western audience, The Unveiling of Love presents valuable guidance for those with long experience in Islam and for those who are encountering Sufism and the meaning of spiritual love for the first time.
The author's preface in this new edition includes material never previously available in English. In it, Sheikh Muzaffer recounts some of his enraptured first encounters with American seekers.
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