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Abu Said Abu Khayr: Love came

Abu Said Abu Khayr: Love came
Photo: Shaykh Ahmed Kiftaro.



Love came
flowed like blood
beneath skin, through veins
emptied me of my self
filled me
with the Beloved
till every limb
every organ was seized
and occupied
till only
my name remains.
the rest is It.
(Abu-Said Abil-Kheir; "Nobody, son of Nobody")


Recommended Reading:
'Nobody Son of Nobody'
By Shaikh Abu-Saeed Abil-Kheir (Author), Vraje Abramian (Translator)
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Readers who swoon within the love-intoxicated poetry of Rumi must read the poetry of Shaikh Abil-Kheir. This renowned but little-known Sufi mystic of the 10th century preceded Rumi by over two hundred years on the same path of annihilation into God. He referred to himself as -- Nobody Son of Nobody his expression of the reality that his life was subsumed in the Divine, and that the individual self had disappeared in the heart of God: Under this cloak is nothing but God. Introduce me as Nobody, Son of Nobody. These are 195 short selections translated from the original Farsi. These poems deal with the longing for union with God, the desire to know the Real from the False, the inexpressible beauty of Creation when seen through the eyes of Love, and the many attitudes of heart, mind and feeling that are necessary to those who would find the Beloved -- The Friend -- in this life.
Shaikh Abil-Kheir is highly honored by followers of Islam, and as a lawyer-theologian he was known as the "Socrates of the Sufi Path." He is remembered for his passionate dedication to a disciplined lifestyle coupled with his profound hospitality to guests, his tenderness and compassion. He began many of the customs and ways of conduct still followed in Sufi Khaneqhahs.
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